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The Old Car Nut Book is an exciting new printed book project that will focus on the everyday people involved in the old car hobby and their stories from the time that cars first caught their eye to their latest project. The Old Car Nut Books asks people just like you to dig deep into your memories and old photos and tell your unique stories from your own perspective.

This book will be written by the contributors; people just like you.

Readers will enjoy cherished memories and photos that usually don’t get told to more than a handful of people. You can be a part of this and...


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If you have an interesting story or two, check out "How to Submit" and get those stories and photos to us. The authors of this book will be it's contributors.

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About the Project

The Old Car Nut Book is designed with the idea that EVERYONE in the old car hobby has a story or two to tell.

There are many websites online and books at the book store that tell the stories of the legends in the hobby or focus on the cars, but it is time to give voice to the people that make a difference in their own backyard. People just like you… Old Car Nuts!


What’s An Old Car Nut?

Well, it’s actually, not WHAT… but, WHO.

An Old Car Nut is… any individual with an interest in cars. An “Old” Car Nut may be older (50+) and have an interest in cars or an “Old Car” Nut may be young and have an interest in old cars. Potentially, everyone is an Old Car Nut.

You've spent a lifetime of buying, selling and...


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